Jumat, 11 September 2009

My Brothers hoho

In this post i'm gonna tell ya guys who's my brothers are

1.Chris Brown

Well, his full name is Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown, I used to call him chris. So yeah he's definitely my bro. I have teached him how to dance yea not much but enough HAHAHA.

2. Alex Gaskarth

Well his name is as you know: Alex Gaskarth. He's the vocalist of All Time Low, and yeah i have helped him to write one or two songs for him.

3. Martin Johnson

Well, his Fullname is Martin Bennett Johnson. And he's the vocals of Boys Like Girls. He was born at Andover, Massachusetts. And i miss him so much HAHAHA

4. Jean Paul Makhlouf

Yeah he's Jean Paul Makhlouf and he's the vocals of an indie band called Cash Cash. And i have supported his band to win woodie awards and you should too hehe.


I guess it's enough about my brothers, they loves me and i loved them too (HUEK) HAHA btw this is all just a joke alrite ?

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BYE, DeeDee

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